New YouTube series of MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY.

Scorpion, Sub Zero, Johny Cage, Kano, Sonya, Jax - already in 3 episodes. Every Tuesday new episode so be sure to check out YouTube

You can follow me on Twitter I will post the link to every next episode.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world of MORTAL KOMBAT. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are obsessed with reigning over various realms (parallel universes) and the winners of Mortal Kombat competitions are granted supreme control over these worlds. The Earthrealm (Earth) is an unconscious participant in this competition and only a few select humans understand the consequences of losing Mortal Kombat and what it will mean to Earth. In a universe with powerful evil sorcerers, cyborgs, Gods and movie stars, this Mortal Kombat digital media series drives a cohesive understanding of what this Universe is all about.