Social music video trailer

Here’s a little trailer of the project we’ve been recently working with. The music video is entitled “UNBORN” and is going to bee released on February 1, 2012.

The pregnancy termination also known as abortion is the leading theme through the whole video. It is supposed to influence young people's sense of responsibility.

If you're interested in viewing the whole music video, please check back again on February 1st.


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Recently I found theese hilarious remade movie posters and wanted to share with public. But instead of reshaping same content I've managed two columns so that every one could compare the original movie poster to the remade one. Have fun! :)

LEGO Movie Posters TF3, X-Men, Thor, Green Lantern & more!

Redesigning posters this way is absolutely a very impressive, funny and hard work!


want to see more? press here

90 identical movie posters (updated+1)

Sometimes I ask myself "Haven't I seen this before?"
Ok, so I've recently found the tendency of copying the films poster designs.

It's not too complicated to notice the similarity or analogy. The reasons for having this analogy in different movies are either the same producer/director (DARK KNIGHT-INCEPTION) or almost the same story (Van Helsing-Solomon Kane) or it's just a typical genre story alike movies, for example all those end of the world films and horror films.

I call this STAMP. Stamp is what you do that already has been familiar before and gained much of attention.

most of the content is seen on: and